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Vintage Russian Box Black Lacquer Signed Hand Painted Russia Landscape Scene

This is a vintage Russian hand painted & signed lacquer box featuring a landscape scene. Lacquer Box Measurement: 6 1/8" length, 4 3/8" wide, height 1 7/8". Landscape scene: Background - mountain range. The mountains are painted in soft pink... (more)

US$ 125  Available May 14

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Vintage Lacquer Box Russian Soviet Signed USSR Kremlin Spasskaya Tower

This is a Russian Fedoskino lacquer box of the Spasskaya Tower Moscow Kremlin. The lacquer box is dated 1963. Lacquer Box Measurement: 4 1/8" length, 4 3/8" wide, height 2". The lacquer box is signed at the lower bottom of the circular image wi... (more)

US$ 85  Available Jun 15

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Vintage Lacquer Box Russian Figural Man Woman Kholui Soviet Russia

This is a vintage Russian lacquer box which is artist signed & numbered. Lacquer box Measurement: 5 2/8" length, 3 6/8" wide, height 1 5/8". Signed & Numbered: Signed at the far right village name translates to KHOLUI. The lacquer box has... (more)

US$ 85  Available May 14

KHOKHLOMA Vintage Russian LACQUER Cups Bowls Hand Painted folk art

Here are 6 vintage hand painted folk art Russian KHOKHLOMA LACQUER dishes.     This collection consisting of 3 cups, 2 small bowls and a spoon.  The pattern on the cups are leaves and berries.  The two small bowls have another different leaf and ber... (more)

US$ 16  Available Jun 15

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Vintage Russian lacquer wall Plate Hand Painted Flowers

Here are 2 vintage Russian lacquer wall hanging plates. The hand painted plates have a base colour of a deep dark black lacquer. The artist has hand-painted several flowers on the plates that resemble opened peonies along with other flowers that ... (more)

US$ 10  Available Jun 15

Uzbekistan Figurines Traditional Clay Handmade Hand Painted Folk Art Uzbek

These vintage clay figurines are handmade and hand painted Folk Art Uzbek figures. They are dressed in traditional clothing. These pieces are from Uzbekistan which was once a Soviet state but culturally is more like Afghanistan or Kazakhstan. I be... (more)

US$ 10  Available Jun 15

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